Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist.

I took Deuce to the dentist for the first time a few weeks ago. I've never had a dentist in Greensboro. I've had the same dentist since I moved to Chapel Hill in 1988. The only place I've ever gone is to Dr. Seaton. I have such an extensive dental history that I needed to go by Dr. Seaton's and pick up my dental records to take with me to my new dentist. I was a little sentimental when I was in there and they showed me pictures of me and Laura when we were 6 & 4. 

I looked up the dentists in Greensboro that were covered by our dental insurance and selected Dr. Millsaps for a variety of reasons:
1. He's young. {As in about 3 years younger than me!} I like the idea of having a medical provider close to my age that I feel like I can relate to and is not going to talk to me like their child when they tell me how important it is to floss everyday {which I do actually - ask Ed!}.
2. It's a brand new office. Obviously since said doctor is about 27 years old, he has a new office with top of the line, brand new equipment. Seriously, who opens their own dental practice in their mid-twenties??
3. They are super busy. I don't know if it's because he has a slack schedule and likes to play golf more than work, but they are booking out appointments several months in advance. I took this as a sign that people really like this guy.
4. The most important reason of all!!
He is a UNC grad - both undergrad and dental school and he likes sports.
My mom spent so much money on my mouth at the UNC dental school while I was in college that I basically knew everyone that worked there from the receptionists, the students, the entodontists and the surgeons. Yes, my teeth just suck that bad.

Seriously, that's how I pick my doctors.
 I selected my OB to take care of me through my pregnancy because she went to undergrad at State (like me) and went to Med School at UNC so she liked both schools.
And she was awesome.
Anyway, I made the earliest appointment possible because we were going to the mountains that day. My mom came up to help me with Deuce so that after his check up was over, mom could take him out so I could get my teeth cleaned. It's amazing how quickly their little minds start putting pieces together. He's never minded going to the doctor prior to that CT scan, but as soon as we walked in to the dentist, he flipped. It was like the lobby area reminded him of that awful day. He wanted to be held the entire time. Lucky for us, the other patients scheduled at the same time as us had cancelled so we had the whole office to ourselves. Me, mom, Deuce, the doctor & the hygienist. It was great!
Dr. Millsaps decided to look at Deuce first and he was so good with him! He talked to Deuce, showed him pictures of his dogs, asked him about his beloved Curious George shirt and I was able to lay Deuce down on my stomach. He never loosened his grip on my wrists though. He let Dr. Millsaps examine him, scrape his teeth and floss him. Dr. Millsaps said Deuce has great spacing in between his teeth right now and they look good. He finished by letting Deuce pick out a new toothbrush, some flossies and a toy {of course he picked the ball}. Deuce did so good. I couldn't believe it. He doesn't need to go back until he's 3 for his first full cleaning and polishing. And ever since we went, Deuce brushes his teeth about 10 times a day.
After Deuce was done, it was my turn. Deuce was not happy about having to get down and leave me in there alone. Like he threw a fit. But you know what, Dr. Millsaps went out into the lobby with mom & Deuce & totally distracted him by playing with him the entire time I was getting my teeth cleaned by the hygienist. I'm talking he blew up gloves to be balloons that they were hitting all over the office, he showed Deuce how to juggle, they talked football and before I knew it, I was done and Deuce was in the lobby happy as could be. What kind of dentist does that?
A really good one.
One who's dad is a pediatrician.
A young one who has the energy and patience to deal with kids.
And one who graduated from UNC.
The appointment was exactly what I had hoped for: a positive experience that won't leave him freaked out for the next time he goes.

The news was not all good for me {I told you my teeth suck} but it's nothing compared to what I've been through in the past. Ed goes next week to meet Dr. Millsaps for the first time and I'm sure he's going to love him!


  1. girl, my teeth are AWFUL too... like, seriously awful. I think I have a filling in each and every one. Glad Deuce did well! xoxo

  2. Looks like you found a great dentist :) Deuce did a great job too! Now that he and the dentist have established a good rapport, it wouldn’t be hard for you to convince him to go to the dentist in the future since he had such a great time. It is great to have chosen someone who can make you feel comfortable in the dentist chair and whom you can trust with your child’s oral hygiene.

    Darcy Losh

  3. It is always good to find a dentist that you are comfortable with, and that you can trust to deliver excellent service, since sitting in the dentist chair mostly eats up a lot of time. It would just be frustrating to sit for a time and then be frustrated with the result the dentist would give. I think you did a great job in finding a good dentist!

    Ted Grimmer

  4. I agree with Ted. A dentist whom you feel comfortable with is a good dentist to choose. Being able to take care of your son also takes good points. There are only few dentists whom can be very good with children. So kudos to you and your great day! Kudos to your dentist, too, for doing a great job. : )

    - Landon Heath


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