Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Exploring Greensboro.

Now that it's summer and I have Thursdays and Fridays off, Deuce and I are having a great time exploring parts of Greensboro that we've never had the chance to enjoy. A couple weeks back we decided to walk through downtown. We started by making a trip to the big public library. Deuce is like his Nana and loves books. I think he was a little overwhelmed when we walked into the children's section at all of the bright colors, the tree house for reading, the little tables, and the rows and rows of books that were all within his reach.
 Then we walked to the City Center. He loved all of the fountains and the grassy area for running.
 After we had been there awhile, Deuce took it upon himself to join some other kids in a game of soccer. Soccer with a basketball, that is.
He had a blast.
This kid loves being outside.
Other things I want to do in Greensboro: 
1. Museum of Natural Science
2. Shop for antiques
3. Boutique hop through downtown
4. Civil Rights Museum

What else should we do?

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