Monday, July 16, 2012

Burlington City Park

TJ is heavy into his AAU basketball season and it seems like he has a tournament every single weekend. Most of the time they just pop up the week before so without notice Ed is gone on the weekends. This leaves a lot of time for me and Deuce to do whatever we feel like doing since we are by ourselves. I have taken him to a few of TJ's games this season but it is so hard with him right now. He loves to play ball so he only wants to go on the court or sit on the bench with the boys during the game. I am constantly chasing him around and don't get to watch much of the game anyway. Plus, if the game is not close by, TJ could have 3-4 games in 1 day and that is just too long for Deuce {and me} to be at the gym sitting still. Ed has taken him to a few tournaments with him if I've had plans already and I know it's been hard for him too.

With that being said, a couple of weekends ago Deuce and I were alone one Sunday so we met my mom and sister at Burlington City Park. I had heard about the park for years but had never been and since it's sort of in between my house and mom's, we decided it would be a good time to try it. It was perfect for Deuce. Ride tickets were only .75 cents a piece and the rides only cost 1 ticket each. We bought 10 tickets for $6 and that was plenty.

We rode the train. 
 He rode the carousel at least 4 times, getting on different animals each time. He made us all ride it with him at least once.
 He drove the blue car around the track.
 Then he wanted to do it again and be the leader in the fire truck.
 He also rode in the airplanes. He loved flying.
 And before we left, we ran into Will & Candice!
If you haven't been to the Burlington City Park and you have little kids, I suggest you take them there! The rides are pretty small so I'm not sure that kids over 5 would really like it all that much but it was a great afternoon of fun for a great price!

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