Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Yesterday was special...

A friend of mine from high school (who now lives in Clarksville, TN) has recently started her own photography business.  Regan and I graduated together and her older sister graduated with Ed.  I contacted Regan several months back when she was "officially" starting out about taking pictures of us whenever she made it to town.  So we made a plan.  Regan's parents still live in Chapel Hill and her in-laws live in Greensboro so she told me she would be in town for Thanksgiving.  We decided to schedule a shoot for the day after Thanksgiving.  Well on Friday the weather was crappy, cold & rainy so we rescheduled for Sunday, while Regan was on her way out of town and back to TN.  It was still cold, Deuce had a couple of melt downs, we had to stop for him to eat and then subsequently spit up on his nice orange Polo outfit (I mean that's what babies are supposed to do though, right?) but it was beautiful outside and it was so good to see Regan after so many years!

Regan's husband Josh is in the military and is over in Afghanistan right now (on his 3rd tour!!!) so she is keeping herself super busy with her photography business - plus a full time job.  Josh will be starting the MBA program at Kenan Flagler Business School next fall so they are moving back to Chapel Hill!  YEA!!!  So for anyone that is interested...check her out!  She comes highly recommended from me!

Click here to visit Regan's photography blog.

This is a sneak peak of the shoot yesterday that she just sent me.  I am so excited to see the rest and pick out the shot for our Christmas card this year!


  1. It was awesome to see you last weekend! Thank you for the opportunity to take your photos. Your family is precious and I'm looking forward to seeing lots more of you starting in June. Yahoo!

  2. I hope I'm getting some of these for Christmas.


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