Monday, November 22, 2010

7 Months Old...Already!!!


I have a 7 month old.  Really?  Am I old enough for this? 

These past 7 months have gone by so fast!  As I troll through my pictures of him from day 1, I am amazed at how much he has changed in such a short amount of time.  As we reach each new milestone I am so happy and excited, yet so sad that the previous stages have passed and I will never get those moments back.  Right now he loves me so much and he loves to show me how much.  He loves for me to pick him up.  He reaches out for me and he panics when I leave his sight.  Yes, at times this can be hard when I need to hand him over to daddy for a few mommy moments but it also warms my heart to have his little teeny hands on both sides of my face giving me a big ol' slobber kiss.

7 months old
November 22, 2010

So now that he is 7 months, what is he doing?

EATING: Well, I have completely stopped nursing him.  I was pretty sad about this but I was just putting too much pressure on myself with the amount of time I am away from him during the work day.  After his 6 month well visit and the doc telling us he was only 10th percentile for weight, we started supplementing with formula.  He had no issue with this and I was still nursing/pumping once in the morning and once at night.  But over time, I was only producing between .5 - 1oz each time I pumped.  It was just not worth all of the time and energy anymore.  So I weaned myself off.  I was a little concerned about putting him down at night without nursing him that he might not take it too well but he could have cared less.  To this child, food is food and he doesn't care how it comes (maybe he gets that from me???)  He currently has 6oz of formula with rice/oatmeal and a fruit at 9am, 6oz of formula with rice/oatmeal and a vegetable at 1pm, 6oz of formula and a fruit at 5pm, juice at 7pm and 8oz of formula before bed around 8:30pm.  The child can put some food away!  I have not found a single food that he won't eat!  We have another weight check on December 1st and I can't wait to see how much he weighs now.

SLEEPING: Deuce sleeps all night!!!  He goes to sleep around 9pm and sleeps until about 7:30am.  He takes a nap after his morning bottle (usually about 1hr) and then after his lunch bottle (between 1-2 hrs).  He goes to bed late you say???  Well because I work so darn far away, he sleeps AGAIN from about 6-7pm on the ride from Chapel Hill to Greensboro.  I have removed his sleep wedge from his crib but I still swaddle him every night.  He has just started rolling over in his sleep (while swaddled) and sleeping on his tummy about half the night.  This has freaked me out a little because although he sleeps through the night, I still wake up every few hours and look at him on the monitor.  Since he moves now, his head sometimes disappears out of view of the monitor.  At first I would panic and go check on him and turn him back over (silly paranoid momma, I know! I have to make sure he can breathe for heaven's sake!)  But lately I have convinced myself that my mom didn't have a video monitor when I was a baby and I breathed just fine.  AND they put us on our belly to sleep back then so I need to CHILL OUT! :)  I still wake up and look at him though, HA!

PHYSICAL: I like to tell myself that we have a strong little guy.  At least I think he is, lol!  I have no idea how he compares to other babies but when Deuce wants to stand, he is going to stand!  He would much rather stand than sit, although he has gotten pretty good at sitting all by himself now.  His little legs are so strong that I feel like he will just skip crawling altogether (probably not, but he could care less about being on his belly).  He doesn't have any teeth yet but he is a drooling machine so we are expecting them to pop through at any minute!  In almost every picture I have of him from the past few weeks he either has drool hanging from his lips or his shirt is soaked through!  He is still pretty skinny, I think, but his cheeks are super chubby!  He's not bones anymore since starting the formula but he doesn't have rolly polly arms and legs like a lot of other cute babies.  Maybe not skinny but long and he's just solid, I guess.  His hair is really coming in and starting to curl at the front.  I will see if I can get him still enough to get a picture of that soon.

PERSONALITY: Boy does he have one!  He still LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to smile!  All the time!  As you can see from the video in the previous post, he his loving to talk now!  He says dadadadada mostly along with hey and yayayayayaya.  We are working with him to wave bye-bye and he starts to move his little fingers when we wave at him.  He's trying!  He also loves to play in the mirror.  He could do that for awhile!  We have a floor length mirror in our bedroom and I sit him on the floor in front of it and I sit behind him.  He loves to bang on it and laugh and talk to himself.  Our cat, Bailey, is now venturing out near him more and he LOVES it!  She meow's and has even gotten close enough for him to stick out his hand and pet her.  He gets so excited.  He sucks in these huge gasps of air when he sees her and he dives for her when he's in my arms.  I have to put him down on the floor and he smiles and giggles at her.  It's is precious!  He is at this perfect age now where his personality has really come out and he is so interactive!  I have another video I will post soon of him and Ed playing and his laughs are enough to make you squeal yourself!

I am so looking forward to the holidays as I think he will be the perfect age to have a great 1st Christmas!

Do you think I love being his mommy or what???


  1. isn't being a mom the best???!!! xoxo

  2. Rach - don't feel bad about the nursing thing. Viv has just done the same - she dropped from the 50th percentile at birth to the 10th percentile at 6 months in weight - however, she remains in the 95% for height! So - I too have switched to formula during the day and am just breast feeding her at wake up and bed time - and in a week and a half she gained almost 1 pound! And - she is MUCH happier - poor girl isn't starving anymore. Keep having fun with your lil guy! It goes too fast - Meg


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