Monday, December 20, 2010

Vintage Gliders

I am going to use this post to brag about my super crafty momma.  As far back as I can remember she has always loved to craft.  Refurbish.  Restore.  Renovate.  Revamp.  She loves it!  Every summer when we would attend camp in the Georgia mountains on Lake Burton, mom came to work as the Arts & Crafts Director. (Yes, mom came to camp with us, it was super expensive and she worked for free so that we could attend because we loved it so much.  What teacher spends her summers working with other people's kids - for FREE!)  She used to gift gourds after she had stained them and used an exacto knife to carve designs in them or painted poinsettias on them.  They were beautiful and people loved receiving them.  It seems like one Christmas everyone received a gourd from us.
This isn't one of her creations.  Apparently it's by Nedra Denison - photo cred.  I'm sure mom has pictures somewhere but definitely not digital.  Her designs were very similar to this though.

She also loves to discover antique furniture that she can refinish.  She spends countless hours reading design magazines and recreating the images she has seen.  I love this about her.  She can turn almost any junk piece into a priceless work of art.  Several years ago she bought a furniture set from an old antique store that came with a bed, a dresser and an armoire.  She refinished the bed & dresser with a beautiful dark cherry stain and added new hardware.  It is the furniture that my sister uses in her bedroom.  But the armoire was special to me for some reason.  I loved the piece.  It was really worn down, the drawers didn't close right and the cabinets didn't stay shut but there was something that told me to beg my mom to save it.  She hadn't done too much with it, just added some paint over the years and they weren't using it but I pleaded with her not to get rid of it.  Thank goodness they had some room to store it although as she reads this she's probably thinking about all the space it took up during those years.  When I got pregnant & we were talking about the nursery, I asked her if I could have the armoire and would she be willing to fix it up for me.  Once we picked out the crib bedding she went to work.  I LOVE this piece...
Feel lucky that i showed this picture.  There are not too many preggo pictures of me for good reason!  This was at my shower - 4 days before Deuce was born!

She has also recently fixed up several vintage gliders.  You know, the porch gliders that everyone's grandparents had rusted outside and you didn't want to sit in it because it left stains on your clothes or hurt your hands to hold on to... Yeah, those.  It is amazing how much these things go for now!  At the Mule Wagon Antiques & Collectibles site, an unfinished 3-seater sells for $499!! At Vintage Glider, an unfinished glider chair costs $225!!  My super talented, awesome mom is selling her FINISHED chairs for $75!!! A STEAL!  These things are not easy to find anymore.
Here is her 3-seater in the sun room and I'm not sure she's willing to part with it.
PLUG for mom duke's: Hit me up if you or anyone you know is interested!

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