Monday, December 13, 2010

Greensboro's Winter Wonderland

Friday, December 3rd we took the boys to the Winter Wonderland in downtown Greensboro.  Deuce was all bundled up for the cold.
He thought he would play a little hide & go seek with Bailey before we left.  Please ignore the pile of "Holiday Goodwill Donations" that are in the background!  They are now gone and the Christmas tree is in its place.  Bailey is black, she sort of blends in if you are like me and can only focus on the junk pile.
Elm Street is blocked off and there are all sorts of street vendors and musical groups playing as you walk along.  TJ got a mixed bag of caramel & kettle corn that was made fresh.  It was yummy!
Everyone was bundled up tight
because it was so cold outside!
There were snow machines on every street corner so TJ had a blast playing in the "snow!" Deuce was a little confused about what the cold stuff was on his face. Little did we know that it would really snow the next day!
The Greensboro News & Record was giving out reindeer antlers to everyone so you know we had to partake!
There was a tree lighting ceremony and TJ counted down until the lights flickered on.  There had to be thousands in attendance.  The tree was beautiful!
TJ ran in to one of his friends from football and they "posed" for a shot in front of the tree.
A good time was had by all as the baby clearly was worn out!

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