Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

So I FINALLY got the tree decorated.  After 3 days of trying.  My goal was to have it done on Sunday.  Didn't happen.  TJ had a science fair project due on Tuesday and since he would be over at his mom's house on Monday, we had to get it finished up on Sunday (Saturday was out, he had an "all-of-a-sudden" AAU basketball tournament in Thomasville).  He had already written the report but he still had to make his oral presentation poster.  So we went to church on Sunday morning and then went to try a new restaurant Kick Back Jack's.  It was really good!  We then stopped at Wal-mart to get some last minute supplies for the poster and by the time we got home it was 4:30.  We started on the project and 3 hours later it was done.  I don't know when the awards ceremony takes place for best stepmom of the year, but I personally think I should win.... (hee hee).  He better get an A on that darn thing!

Lately Deuce has been sooo clingy to me!  So he was very unhappy during the 3 hours that I had to devote to TJ.  Anyone that knows TJ, knows that getting him to focus on a project for 3 hours is VERY difficult, let alone juggle a baby too.  So while I was controlling TJ's every move so we could actually get the project done, Deuce was with daddy.  They moved from room to room trying to satisfy him and Ed even got him to sleep for a whopping 30 minutes.  But when it was all over and done with, Deuce was back to smiling & giggling when he got in my arms.

So then I decided to try and put up the tree.  I thought I'll put him in his door jumper (which is right next to where we put the tree) so he can jump & watch me.  Yeah, didn't work.  Then I thought, I'll set him on the floor next to the tree and give him a bunch of toys.  Nope, that didn't work either.  So I gave up.  I finally got him down and washed his bottles for the next day by 10:30 so I hooked up the lights and quit for the night.  I told myself that I would tackle it the next night.  Yeah, that didn't happen either.  It was my birthday and I just didn't feel like it!  Yesterday, I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it then either because it was Ed's birthday and we were going out to dinner.  So I took off of work a little early, went and picked Deuce up and headed home to finish the tree. 

I had to move him around quite a bit (door jumper, swing, bouncy seat and playing on the floor plus feeding him dinner somewhere in between) but I was able to get it done.  I even carried him around a little bit and he played with an ornament while I added some more to the tree.  Here are some pics of Deuce and his first ever Christmas tree.  They are from my cell phone so if he moves (which he does a lot) they are blurry.  I will take some good ones with my camera.  AND I haven't even begun to get the rest of the house done yet so excuse the mess you see around the tree...

Happy Holidays!

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