Friday, November 27, 2015

Summer in a Nutshell - Yes, in November.

I just feel this need to post these pictures that I've had from the summer that I never shared. Being on maternity leave for the whole summer was perfect. And with Kendall being such an easy baby, we were able to stay very active and social.

My parents recently put their beach house on the market this summer so we tried to spend as much time down there as we could. We have loved that place. It has been a peaceful retreat for years and years and a quiet, private place that we have enjoyed often. We were sad to see it go but the constant storm damage was just becoming too much for my parents to handle. I am glad that I was able to take Kendall down there a few times before it was sold.
The bond that these 2 have already is amazing. It's what I had hoped it would be. And I hope it remains that way. There are going to be many times when Kendall will need Deuce. And I hope that we are laying the groundwork for that relationship and those needs down the road.
I am proud of Deuce and his curiosity about our new Down Syndrome world. His teachers have told us that he has something special. That he gravitates towards the kids with special needs and developmental disabilities. That he's friends with everyone. He sounds a lot like my husband to me. And that a trait that I'm thankful he got from Ed.
We spent a lot of time over the summer with friends. Introducing Kendall to his new environment. We are so thankful for friends and family and the tremendous amount of support we have received.

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