Monday, September 28, 2015

Summer of Sports - H & Deuce

Parenting is hard.
Little boys are hard.
Teenage boys are hard.
I'm sure there's something to be said for little girls but I have no clue.
Never will, lol.
Unless my sister has all girls.
Which will probably happen.
But even then she'll have to deal with all the drama and periods.
She'll get to buy all of the cute dresses and shoes,
While I'm over here washing all the stinky socks and sports gear.
But these two boys....
There is something special about their friendship.
And I think it comes from our friendship as parents and how closely aligned our philosophies are.
So here is to our summer of sports and all of the seasons that will follow with these 2 as teammates.
Can't leave out little bro. He might be the biggest of them all.
The boys participated in a Triathlon this summer.
Swim, Bike, Run
I had no idea how it would go.
Deuce took swim lessons at summer camp at the Y.
But I was still nervous for him to swim without a floatie for the race.
I was afraid he would get too nervous with everyone screaming and cheering for him.
Afterall, he did cry on his first 2 birthdays with everyone staring at him singing "Happy Birthday."
I know how he is and although I offered his float to him before he started, he looked at me like "Really, mom?" I still brought it.
He took off and I couldn't believe the determination he had.
And how fast he swam.
And how he swam the first half free style and then finished off with lord knows what kind of variation of the breast stroke. Where did this kid come from?
He decided 2 weeks before the race that it was time for 2 wheels on a bike only. And he is so stubborn - not sure where he got that from ;) - that he didn't really want much help. If he fell or lost his balance it was somehow my fault. I was in the way. Fine boy. Go ahead and figure it out on your own. That seems to be my motto a lot these days with him. It's raining you need a jacket. Don't run on wet concrete. You're going to miss the bus if you don't get your tail in gear. Okay, you'll figure it out the hard way. You know...

 So I kept telling him to practice every day so he would be confident. I was still afraid he would fall off during the race. Especially in crocs and a wet bathing suit. The kid totally hates being wet and hates not wearing socks (unless he's swimming) so I was waiting for the meltdown between swimming and biking about how he couldn't change clothes. But to my surprise he didn't say a word.
He only had to run one lap around the open field and I've obviously seen him do that plenty of times because he likes to is always.running. 
The finish line.
Heart swell.
He placed very high in his age. But I didn't tell him. And he never asked. He just wanted to play on the playground with Harrison. He had fun. He knew we were proud of him. And that was all that mattered to me.

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  1. It was the best day. I thought I was at the Summer Olympic Games.


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