Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello 2014

Y'all!! Seriously. I have become a horrible blogger. Like I only posted 9 entries all of last year. 9 TOTAL! I could sit here and say life is happening too fast or I am just too busy (both of which are true) but there really is no justifiable excuse other than I just didn't want to. I am a little disappointed in myself that when I look back on 2013, I won't have a whole lot documented to remember. That sucks. And 2013 was a great year. I had an awesome year at work. There were a lot of changes and a lot of opportunities that I took full advantage of. Deuce started daycare and played his first full year of non-stop sports. My sister turned 30 and Ed turned 35. TJ started middle school. All sorts of stuff happened and I didn't take the time to sit down and jot them down. Totally not cool. I have made it a goal of mine this year to make an attempt to blog at least 5-7 times per month.

So to recap the year in pictures... (and I got a new pocket sized camera for Christmas that I asked for so I hope to get back to taking pictures instead of just on my phone.)

New Years 2013, this is the last thing I remember about that night. Not good at all.
Helped throw a surprise 65th birthday party for my step dad.
Deuce started daycare 5 days a week.
Learned that my Grandma had lung cancer that had already moved to her brain.
Got to watch my awesome niece play in the district championship basketball game in Knoxville.
Deuce turned 3...
and had his first school pictures taken.
Lost my Grandma on Mother's Day and Deuce had to go to his first wake and funeral.
Had a girls weekend at Carolina Beach with 2 dear friends from work, Laura & Robin.
Deuce had his first FULL cleaning at the dentist's office.
He played his first season of basketball in the 3-4 year old league.
Spent an awesome July 4th in Virginia with my family and watched my cousin propose to an awesome girl!
 Spent a whole week at Pawley's Island with the Smith family.
 Took several business trips to the Northeast.
 My best friend Leigh Anne had her second baby boy, Bowen.
 Ed and I went to the UNC/South Carolina game in Columbia.
 Deuce played his first season of T-ball.
 My baby sister turned 30 and we spent the weekend in Charleston with our mom.
 Took Deuce to his first Tennessee football game. Had an amazing time with my family.
 Had a second round of school pictures.
 Watched my cousin Ricky graduate from the University of Tennessee.
 Watched the Heels beat Cincinnati in the Belk bowl.

I have some videos to round up and post. Deuce is playing basketball right now in the kindergarten league where he and his buddy Carter are the only non 5-6 year olds. He's doing great. He is getting ready to play both soccer and t-ball again in the spring, only this time simultaneously. He is doing great in school and is learning all sorts of stuff. He amazes me every day when he comes home spelling new words or singing new songs in Spanish. He is also working the the LaRue basketball school every week for basketball instruction. He started bible school with the AWANA program and has that every Wednesday night. He loves it. He memorizes a new scripture weekly.

TJ will be 12 on the 19th of this month. He is thoroughly enjoying middle school and his new iPhone that he got for Christmas. He is playing AAU basketball and that is getting ready to pick back up over the next few weeks. Ed will be back to travelling a lot of weekends. He also played baseball in the fall. He goes roller skating most Friday and Saturday nights until 11, which is hilarious to me. They all get on their phones and text each other, "Yo you going skating?" It's comical.

I had an amazing year at work and am really looking forward to what 2014 has in store for me with my company. Ed asks me for a baby girl every day but I haven't given in to him quite yet. Although, just about all of my girlfriends are now on baby 2 that itch may come sooner than I realize. We'll see....


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