Thursday, January 23, 2014


So TJ's 12th birthday was this past Sunday, the 19th. Ed and I decided to do an overhaul on his room to make it a little more "middle-schooler-ish" as a gift to him. We created an organized closet, got him a new desk and bookshelf, moved his bed and added decor to the walls.

(I made the wall hangings out of Ed's old t shirts that are too big for him now that he's the Hulk and in the gym everyday. I have since added a big "T" and "J" in the space above and below the middle picture.)

We asked his mom to keep him Saturday night so that we could clean his room (it was seriously disturbingly disgusting) and pull it all together. Well Nana was out of town so I didn't think too much about having Deuce at the house as a major distraction. He was such a good helper, throwing away trash and moving stuff where we asked. However there were a few times when he would disappear and I would realize that he had been gone for awhile. I found him at one point in the bathroom using the Vaseline that Santa brought in his stocking to make sure he was keeping his lips from getting chapped. I mean how can you be mad at that?

I think that half of the container was gone after this one use. Then on Sunday I found him in the bathroom yet again and when I saw him I scared him. Ed has not seen this picture yet. He almost started to cry when i gasped so loud and said "What are you doing???" As soon as I saw his face I immediately felt bad as he choked out "I just want to have paint like you, mommy." So then I laughed and told him he had done a great job and when he was done could he put the dry-erase marker back on the easel. (He had only done his nails at this point.) I walked back out of the bathroom for a few minutes when he hollered, "mommy I am putting make-up on too!" So I just shouted back, "Ok, come show me when you're done." The below is the end result. I died laughing. He did too. Then he took a shower and it came right off. Whew.
We took some of TJ's friends out to Kick Back Jack's Sunday night for his birthday, since the NFL playoffs were on. We had a great time watching Deuce and Chase run throughout the restaurant cheering with random people.

Check out my little guy's basketball pictures. He looks so grown!
And since it's so cold outside he is thoroughly enjoying his time riding his new bike from Pop around the garage!

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