Sunday, April 28, 2013

Honeysuckle Ridge

So I may be a little late on this but I just downloaded the blogger mobile app so hopefully I can find more time to blog since I can do it straight from my phone and not only from a computer. When I leave work I try my best not to get on the computer therefore I've totally slacked on my blog this year. We'll see how this goes...

Last night we went to see Honeysuckle Ridge play at a bar in Greensboro. I have been to see them a few times and Ed was able to come last night for the first time. This group is a country music band and they are awesome! I was introduced to this group from a girlfriend of mine whose husband is the lead guitarist. After seeing them play the first time, I realized that the drummer grew up in Asheville with Ed's best friend Karlos. The drummer's wife went to UNCG with Ed an we have mutual friends with the lead singer. Crazy what a small world it is. Needless to say, I try to get out to see them whenever I can.

So last night we stayed out way too late, drank a little too much and had way too much fun. Here are some pictures of our night.

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  1. RACHEL. you look gorgeous in those pictures! GORGEOUS! the one of you and laura is sooooo pretty! (and i am not just saying this to get you to blog more often....haha)


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