Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I have been trying really hard to make to-do lists for every single aspect of my life. Work. Housework. Personal Goals. etc.... I even have a list of blog posts that I must put out there so I don't forget what happened during this time in my life. But I don't think it will be today. Today I just feel like putting random pictures on here.
 I love this.
 The day before Thanksgiving we went to Mom's house to help do some stuff for Thanksgiving. We took Deuce for a stroll in the wagon. He loves riding in that thing.
 Most of you know that there are horses in the pasture to the right of my parents house. Well Maggie Mae, the miniature horse, has figured out how to get out of the electric fence (when it is not turned on). She kept coming over to moms yard to eat their grass. Deuce was obsessed.
 He was really good with her and really gentle and stayed up close to her head like we told him too.
He fed her a lot too.
 Nana knows that Deuce will be playing basketball come summertime so she got him a goal for her house too. It's his favorite thing to do over there.
 And he finally figured out how to push the pedals on the tricycle.
 He helped Nana bake cookies too.
 This is the Thanksgiving spread that Grandma Geer put together. Wow.
 Over on the cow/ram at the last football game of the season.
He went to every single football game this year and was awesome.
He loved every second of the games.
 We were sad that the season was over.
 This happens a lot in our house.
Deuce giggles. Daddy gets a bicep work out.
 I let Deuce play games on my phone and he has figured out the camera too. I found about 50 different variations of this shot in my phone. Most of them didn't even show any of his face.
 I sent this picture to Carrie before Christmas because she has pictures of her boys doing the same thing. We don't have steps at our house so we've never had this issue.
This was at my dad's house. He got real quiet and then started making some stressful "mommy" calls.
He laughed though when he saw me laughing. 
 The "HOT" sign was on so you know I had to stop...
 Weston's 3rd birthday party.
 Wawa and Toodles.
More from our holidays coming soon!

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