Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cow Parade & Bulls.

Saturday was the first White Out game for the Tarheels against Va Tech. They wore all white, including new white football helmets, for the first time since the '60s.

The Cow Parade is in town and there are several throughout campus. You can bet that the kids are obsessed with them. So we had to get pictures taken with some of them.
This is Alex. He sits behind us. We have sat near his family since he was a baby.
He has a little crush.
He held my hand the entire walk to the stadium from our tailgate.
When we saw the cow he was adamant that we take a picture together...with no one else in it.
 After the game we took some family pics with the cow in the stadium. He is painted as Moo Moo Justice after Tarheel legend, Charlie "Choo Choo" Justice.
On the way back to the car we stopped at the cow outside of the Carolina Club.
How is that for a picture... the boys on the Tarheel cow where we had wedding reception pictures taken.
And since we're talking about cows, we went to the Efland Rodeo after the game. I thought Deuce was going to sleep through it because he hadn't napped all day, but as soon as the horses came flying out of the gate he was wide awake. He has become slightly obsessed with bulls too. Can you tell?
And for those of you that have been asking.
Here is Daniel riding the mechanical bull at Arizona Pete's last month.
His thighs were bruised for days! Comical.
Sorry I've been MIA. We've hit the terrible twos for real and it's mentally exhausting.
I need to write a good post about all of the things he is doing so I can document it for him later in life.
And I need to document all of the funny things he is saying right now.
Like how he points to the kangaroo in his Curious George book and says "Kanataroo."
Or how he has to listen to The Temptations over and over again in the car while he plays his "Tanerine" (tambourine). And he is fierce with that thing. Head bobbing and shaking it hard.

My friend Carrie posted a day in the life on her blog where she took a picture of herself every hour documenting her average day. That was such a good idea and I totally need to do it like once a month. Everything is changing so often and going by too fast. I need to write it all down!

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  1. you should totally do a post like that!!! Also, I have been going back and reading about the terrible twos on my blog and I was just thinking how glad I am that I wrote about it. It really is funny...IN HINDSIGHT!!!



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