Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Football Season.

I know I haven't blogged much this month but there really hasn't been that much going on. Well, other than Tarheel football. It consumes our weekends and that's how we like it. We tailgate before the games and then some more afterwards. We never leave the game before it's over. Even if we're winning by a landslide or losing by 50. That's just how we are. Deuce went to every game the year he was born. But he was 3-7 months old so he sat/slept in my lap just fine. Last year we took him to a few games and it was very difficult. He was super restless. So we decided that we would try to take him to the Elon game this year to see how he would do now at 2, since it wasn't a big game. He was awesome! He was so into the game. Sat in my lap pretty much the entire time and even took a nap during the game. He watches the game and cheers when he's supposed to. He has been to every game with us so far this year. Here are some pictures from football season so far.
Elon at home
 At Wake Forest
Rain Delay 
 ECU at home
And here's some video for you.
1. Deuce dances all throughout the game.
2. Laura challenged Dad to push ups.

I know it's dark but we stayed in the deck until all of the jello shots had been depleted and the last of the strawberries soaked in whipped vodka and topped with whipped cream were gone. 

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