Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ramses Geer.

About 2 weeks ago I had an appointment with Amanda to get my hair did. I asked my sister if she could pick up Deuce from Ed's parents house and occupy him for about an hour so I could go to the salon. She picked him up and took him to University Mall where they roamed around for awhile. There is still a Roses in the mall and they have a huge selection of Carolina gear. So naturally Deuce left the store with a new purchase, thanks to Aunt Wawa. As it turns out, he walked away with a musical Ramses that is the exact same one that Harrison has. Laura said he walked up and down the mall playing the fight song and fist pumping the whole way, just like Harrison does.

Ramses has not left Deuce's side since Deuce adopted him and I started sending Laura a daily picture of Ramses & Deuce. Here are a few shots. Deuce props him up in the seat and talks to him, explaining that they are watching Elmo or Toodles.
We had dinner with Harrison last night and both boys had a great time playing with the Ramses'.
Hopefully the Heels will be able to come away with the ACC Tournament Championship this weekend to go along with their regular season title!

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