Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I would be lying if I said that I wasn't happy about TJ's basketball season being over. This year he played for the Carolina Tide out of Winston Salem. They practiced at least twice a week and had a tournament almost every single weekend from March through July. This meant that Ed was gone late driving to and from Winston on practice nights, and he was usually gone or busy from Friday to Sunday. As much as I cherish that time alone with Deuce, it's exhausting to constantly be the only entertainer. I was missing Ed's help. A lot. I went to a few games but with AAU they play multiple games in a day and the tournament often lasts for two days. Do you know how hard it is to contain occupy a toddler in a gym? Almost impossible. He either thinks he should be on the court with TJ, on the bench with the team or doing his football runs up and down the sides of the court.
Luckily there were some younger brothers on this team and Deuce could play with them some, but you know for a toddler, that only lasts for a few minutes. And these boys were old enough to roam the different courts of the tournament on their own. Deuce is obviously not. So there was a tantrum every time the younger brothers were going to watch other games and Deuce had to stay with mommy.
Not pretty. Or fun.
But during TJ's nationals in Charlotte this year there was one day when they only had 1 game scheduled so I decided to go and be supportive and handle Deuce for this one game. It wasn't bad. TJ's team lost so their season was over but TJ played really well.
And after all that running and playing, Deuce went from this....
to this.......
Yes, on the gym floor, beneath my legs right beside the court. He was tired.
So basketball is over for now, until November when the winter YMCA season picks up.
(TJ played in the summer YMCA league too and that just ended last week so now it's officially done!)
I have my husband back, for right now, and I even went to work out the other night and when I came home, Deuce had been bathed and put to bed already. It was so nice to come in the house, sit down with Ed for a few minutes and then get ready for bed myself. In peace and quiet.

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  1. Hilarious picture of Deuce sleeping on the gym floor! Love it!


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